Thanks, Dave

As I write this, the hour is approaching for David Letterman's final Late Show. I was a Letterman fanatic for many years, rarely missing a show during the NBC years. I still have boxes of VHS tapes containing hours and hours of Letterman. 

I eventually drifted away from Dave's CBS show as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report took more of my attention and Dave seemed stale in comparison. But the run-up to the Letterman finale has brought me back, and his shows these last few weeks have been something special. I'm grateful for the reminder of the greatness of Dave and his brand of comedy.

Dave was a game-changer for talk shows, for TV, for humor. Years ago I dreamed of becoming a writer for his show, or at least a comedy writer of some stripe. I never got to write comedy for Letterman, but I'm now writing comedy largely because of him.

Thanks, Dave.

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